Carnutdallas Collection

4829 McKinney Ave : Dallas TX 75205

Phone: (214)417-1416

About Us

The Carnutdallas Collection represents my 25 years of working on and selling cars nationwide. Most of my time is spent running Hances Uptown Collision at the edge of Highland Park and Hance’s way Uptown Collision in Plano. In the past 25 years, Carnutdallas has been collecting restoring, driving and enjoying all kinds of vehicles. Some years it is Corvettes, others it is Ferrari's or my life long love affair with Porsche and BMW. Currently I am having my 1988 BMW e28 535is upgraded by H///Turbo - Mike Holtmier, to a nice streetable 450HP! I can't come to work every day doing insurance claims and not have fun! We have opened a state of the art collision facility in Plano and now I have some space at my Dallas Uptown location to display some of my cars, sell and consign vehicles; while still restoring, painting and managing insurance claims. I don't sell salvage or collision damaged vehicles. We disclose any work we perform. We do this for fun and we do make a little money at it. I price the cars based on market, overall condition, available comparables and the ability to find one like it! Anyone can sell junk for cheap. I believe you get what you pay for and nice cars demand a premium, they just do!

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Address: 4829 McKinney Ave : Dallas, TX 75205
Phone: (214) 417-1416